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What are the Most Common Type of White Collar Crimes in Texas?

Jason Horton Law is equipped and willing to represent you in a wide variety of criminal matters, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Tax Evasion - As the name implies, tax evasion occurs when you fail to pay the amount of taxes you owe, whether to the state or the federal government. This may look like moving money around, mischaracterizing your assets so as to avoid paying more than you want to, and many other creative maneuvers designed to help you get out of paying taxes.

  • Embezzlement - Embezzlement is typically when an employee, group of employees, or individual with intimate financial knowledge conspire to steal money from a business/organization.

  • Money Laundering - Money laundering involves funneling ill-gotten funds through several legitimate channels, such as banking institutions, in order to make it more challenging to trace the money’s illegal origins.

  • Securities Fraud - “Securities fraud” can refer to many different kinds of financial crimes one may commit while serving in an official capacity within a business. It almost always involves a misuse of confidential insider information or breach of a fiduciary duty. Another form of securities fraud involves deliberately misrepresenting crucial information about a company’s economic vitality in order to attract investors.

  • Other Financial Fraud - In addition to securities fraud, there are several other common types of financial fraud, some of which involve mortgage fraud, insurance fraud, healthcare fraud, corporate fraud, or pyramid schemes intended to defraud investors and/or consumers.

Jason Horton Law has been defending parties accused of various white collar crimes for nearly two decades. Attorney Jason Horton is licensed to practice law in both Texas and Arkansas, including all federal and state courts in the area, so he is equipped to continuing fighting on your behalf, no matter where your case takes you.

Jason has spent many years defending clients accused of various white collar crimes, and he knows what this sort of criminal litigation requires: Close, frequent client communication; significant time spent researching and reviewing files and other key evidence; vigorous, compelling arguments in court; and more.

When you call Attorney Jason Horton for help, he shows up prepared and ready to contend for your best interests, right from the very beginning. Call Jason Horton Law at (903) 226-8335 today.

White Collar Crime Punishments in Texas

The penalties for white collar crimes vary greatly depending on the crime and the extent of the fraudulent activity. Higher amounts of financial fraud typically trigger increased penalties and violations of federal law.

Penalties for white collar crimes include, but are not limited to:

  • Fines
  • House Arrest
  • Financial Restitutions
  • Estate Forfeitures
  • Imprisonment

No matter what sort of criminal charges you are facing, your future depends on high-quality legal representation from a skilled professional—and you cannot afford to wait. If you are convicted of one of the crimes listed above, or any other white collar crime, you could face severe consequences, including hefty fines and years in prison. You owe it to yourself to secure representation from an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney in Texarkana with a track record of success.

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